Coronavirus : Life and death in ICUs around the world

Scenes from intensive care units at hospitals around the world, where medical staff are treating the most severe cases of COVID-19. A third of coronavirus patients admitted to Scotland’s intensive care units (ICU) did not recover, a new NHS study has found. The report into 472 patients admitted up to 2 May revealed 32.9% died there, 44.1% recovered and were discharged and the rest were still in intensive care. Men made up nearly 75% of the people in ICU with Covid-19, it also revealed. The groups with the highest number of admissions include older people and those living in areas of deprivation.

The Scottish Intensive Care Society Audit Group study looked at 472 adult ICU patients with confirmed Covid-19 infections between 1 March and 2 May. The study’s ICU mortality rate of 32.9% for Covid-19 patients is higher than normal death rates for critical care settings. In 2018, 18% of all Scottish patients admitted to ICU and combined units died in hospital. A similar study of coronavirus ICU patients in the rest of the UK has found 46.8% died where their care outcome was reported.

Courtesy : BBC

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